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Just Let Me Vent

Just Let Me Vent is a podcast hosted by Blxck Mxgic about being a Black father and husband serving on active duty and dealing with the struggles of everyday life. We shall see how it goes. Stick with me as I grow at this craft. Live life and stay solid.


Jul 12, 2022


At time in this life, it just seems that know matter how well  things are going you still end up with the short end of the stick.For me that is where I find myself now. Here I am in southern California right by the beach and I'm miserable. This is the burden of fatherhood. A role I wholeheartedly embrace but, a role that comes with tremendous pressure. In my family of four that places my needs in fourth place. While I am in the position of primary decision maker. Everything I do has an impact on my family especially as an active duty military member. Sometimes good seems to be overshadowed by the frustration of lack of support from the very entity that I work.  Submitted for your consideration.